And finally something different in midtown area , And Ricochet is closed last week . According to rumors was Alan Roth sat with the owners of Baru urbano and negotiate the deal . Baru Urbano guys did the right thing , Since ricochet is going to be right cross the street of new Novacento 900 Building they will be busier than ever with the latino fever . Whole Block will benefit form this movement Machiya sushi, giraffas,etc. Alan Roth Ex Owner of Ricochet is making statements that he is selling it not closing it , but truth of a matter is that corner rent is too much for the ex night life expert , there was no way they were hitting the bottom line profits , Rent is Not cheap,and Ricochet didnt have the vibe that used to have insider source says . Alan did the right ting to sell the location , and now Baru Urbano guys will make that location happen . Good Luck to Baru Urbano Guys and the neighborhood.